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A bimonthly publication series that documents the work of our Curators-in-Residence. Twice a year Small Editions selects an emerging curator to organize a thematic exhibition series to nurture a conversation at the intersection of contemporary art and artists books.

First Publication in the series:
The Right Margin, Alt Esc - 2016
Katie Pennachio, Andy Ralph, and Joshua Caleb Weibley
Writing by Irina K Makarova
20 pages, black and white, soft cover

Second Publication:
Pet Names for Wastelands, Alt Esc - 2017
Jordan Barse, Andrew Laumann, Jack Henry, and Miles Pflanz.
Writing by Dana Kopel and Alison Sirico
44 pages, black and white, soft cover

Third Publication:
Four Steps to Self-Help, Alt Esc - 2017
Evie Falci, Calli Moore, Aliza Morell, and Nicole Ruggiero
Writing by Irina K Makarova, Whitney Mallett, and Alison Sirico
44 pages, full color, soft cover

Fourth Publication:
Paperless, Nicole Kaack - August 2017
Max Fowler, Rachel Haberstroh, Sujin Lee, Nyeema Morgan, and Benjamin Santiago
Writing by Nicole Kaack
36 pages, black & white on translucent, soft cover

Fifth Publication:
Enveloped, Nicole Kaack - September 2017
Andre Ardibe Bradley, Boru O'Brien O'Connell, and Jimena Sarno
Writing by Nicole Kaack
Design by Hugo Roger
44 pages, black & white, soft cover

Sixth Publication:
(wordless), Nicole Kaack - November 2017
Renee Gladman, Katie Giritlian, Rosaire Appel, and Zipora Fried
Writing by Nicole Kaack and Matt Keegan.
36 pages, two color risograph and laser printed, soft cover

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